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--Question: What's is your movie based on? - MTV news - June 15, 1999
MM:"The story takes place in an alternate dystopia of Hollywood where everything is taken to the extreme. About the way movie stars are treated. It's a really strange story, but in the end it's a parable about fame and love and what matters to you the most. It's strangely got a kind of heart to it, but I can't say it's going to have a happy ending. The music video for "Coma White" is adapted from my script, so it will be a bit of a teaser, a hint at what people can expect. The story was something that I've always had in my head, and that's where the songs from my new album came from. As the songs came to life, the story kind of grew also."

--Alternative Press Magazine - January 2000
MM:"The film will be my legitimate attempt to combine something with musical excitement
--like The Wall
--with the artistic symbolism of films by such people as Luis Bunuel, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Kenneth Anger. But it'll probably come out like Can't Hardly Wait."

--Metal Edge - July 1999
MM:"Well, the story was something that I had in my head, and that's where the songs came from. As the songs came to life, the story kind of grew also. It's all really a metaphor for my own life, but the story, without giving away too much, takes place in an alternate dystopia of Hollywood where everything is taken to the extreme. It's sort of Andy Warhol's worst nightmare, combined with scientology and communism. If you imagined everything was as far as anyone can take it, the way the movie stars are treated. There are a lot of references to the way that I see John F. Kennedy as a modern day Christ and how religion kind of sprouts from that. It's a really strange story, but in the end it's parable about fame and love and what matters to you the most. It's strangely got a kind of heart to it, but I can't say that it's got a happy ending." - September 2000
MM:"It's some sort of a road movie, but it is a rather revolutionary road movie. Somebody goes on a trip, but it is a rather revolutionary trip."

--NME - July 1999
MM:"The script is in its first draft and has been inspired by the things that have happened to me. I'll be playing a strange metaphor of myself and it's based on my life in the sense that it's an autobiography of mankind in a way. It's about how man deals with his dreams and how he's often destroyed by them. I want to make something that really raises the standard in the way that someone like Kenneth Anger did in his time. Where people feel the need to actually put art back into movies and not make it some stupid fucking ploy to sell tickets because they want to hire someone who was on 'Friends' or some script that appeals to the moment. I want to do something that's very important and I know it's idealistic to think that can be done, but I plan on doing it."

--MTV news - May 2000
MM:"I was going to make a movie, and no one had the balls to make it because there is a certain amount of morality that only occurs after 5 million dollars. If something is under 5 million dollars, people don't generally care what the content is, but if you spend a little bit more money they start getting all religious on you. So I decided to just put it in its original form as a novel and I'm going to release that shortly after the record."

--Kerrang - August 2000
MM:"The film is a really strong story that's too politically and religiously controversial for everyone. I mean, I tried my hardest for a year to find people with the balls to get involved with it, but everyone is very afraid in the entertainment world at the moment. There's so much censorship in America now, because of last year and entertainment being blamed for violence. So I've made the most violent and offensive album that I could muster up."

--Metal Hammer - August 2000
MM:"There may, or may not, be a film at some point down the road. There was a point where I was attempting to make the film at the same time as the album. There were plenty of people interested in working with me, but the material was too controversial, both politically and religiously with regards to violence. So nobody was willing to work on it. I spoke with Alexandro Jodorowsky, a hero of mine, and my favorite film maker. He and I were going to work together on it, but I think we're going to work on some other projects instead. If the film happens, that's fine but I'm happy to tell the story in the book. First and foremost, I've always been a writer, and to join the movie with the book is unique - nobody has done it before."

--Dazed and Confused - August 2000
MM:"I'm sad and proud to say that it was too violent for any film company to make. Even having Johnny Depp, who agreed to play the role of the president, and me behind it, it just touched on subjects that were too controversial. Religion, politics, and violence all combined together."

--Official German Website webcast - October 2000
MM:"The idea of making Holy Wood into a film I've postponed because I wanted the circumstances to be proper so that I could make something I was proud of, and not something that was commercialized or watered down. I hope to work on a film with Alejandro Jodorowsky after the tour is over next summer; that's something that I'm interested in doing. I'm in the process of developing a television show."

--Dotmusic - October 2000
MM:"There was a point where I considered making a film; in fact, as far back as Antichrist Superstar I wanted to make the story into a film. The ironic part when I went to make the film was that everyone that I met with were all interested in exploiting my name by making a very commericial movie. But they really wanted to, in a sense, exploit my revolution by making it into a product that I didn't feel represented me. So I was much more proud to make an album and a book that I thought said things uncompromisingly."

--Dotmusic - October 2000
MM:"I'm not sure if it's something that I'll do. It will be something that happens on my terms. Recently I've been considering making it into an animated feature, because the character in the story is based as a metaphor of me, but it's quite a young character, and it's not something that I think I would really want to portray as an actor."

--Dotmusic - October 2000
MM:"It would have to be unrated, and that was one of the greatest problems because when people read the book they'll see that it's a very elaborate and imaginative world that I've created, so the budget I'm sure would be excessive, and movie companies really aren't willing to spend that much money on something that would be unrated, because it wouldn't be shown in America - it would probably be banned or limited to just small places. So I want to make it something that I'm proud of, so I'm going to wait until I can do it on my terms."

--New Music Monthly - November 2000
MM:"There were a lot of people interested in working on it but there weren't a lot of people interested in doing it on my terms. People would have watered down what I thought was a strong story, had a lot of strong important religious, political, and philosophical points in it that I thought had to be said. So instead I decided to put the movie on the back burner." - November 2000
MM:"Also the novel, which at one point I thought I was going to try and make into a film, but the climate in Hollywood itself is so scared and conservative right now that people were very afraid to be a part of it. I asked them, "Can you point out a part in the story that you would remove? What exactly is it about it that offends you so much?" they said, "There's no one thing, it's the tone of the entire story." In some ways, that was fun, because I managed to create something that was not shocking or offensive in a basic way. I created something that, to me, is very powerful and important. It was so powerful that it scared the shit out of these people. They didn't want to touch it. So I put that on the backburner. I wanted to tell the story on my terms, and I did that with the book."

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